Sunday, September 4, 2011

58 Cedar Ave


Old things
the backyard

befriending the tree
and fence corner
the garbage man
and the beach

hermit crabs
minnows trapped in a coffee can

the water
giving and taking away
the sun
a moment

resting on the horizon
beneath the water

without me
despite me
leaving me

Saturday, September 3, 2011


     In an effort to simplify form and focus on preserving the sharpness of my marks in clay I began making vase forms. I recently glazed and fired a few of my less successful forms in the soda kiln. They were deemed less successful because they flare out at the bottom and I'm currently interested in more obviously rectilinear forms. The large vase pictured here was glazed with what comes out of the wood kiln as a white crawling, peeling shino, however, it morphed into a deep green, almost oribe glaze in the soda. I generally dislike shiny pots but the unexpected results are intriguing.