Monday, July 6, 2009

So Long Colonel

In memory of Col. Gene Gaddis, one of the finest human beings I've had the pleasure of working with. Gene was a retired Air Force Colonel who was head pilot for Cooper Aerial, my former employer. He built his own aircraft and helped several others do the same. He was dependable and honest and sought little reward for what he did. He leaves an enormous hole in the hearts of those who knew him. So long Colonel.

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Todd and Mary said...

I had the honor of calling Gene friend, but like his other friends, I believe he was much more. Someone you could always depend on for anything no matter what the situation,Gene was ready to help. And while we all apprecated him while he was here the hole he leaves in our hearts is vast. Our consilation is that we had the honor of knowing him as we did. A great friend and "uncle" to the kids. He will be missed. Farewell my friend, and thank you.