Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Our Reviving Little Overnight Getaway

     Today, Michele and I returned from a relaxing overnight stay in Prescott at one of the most pleasant bed and breakfasts we have visited. Prescott Log Cabin Bed and Breakfast had everything we needed for a peaceful retreat. This place is just around the corner from Watson Lake, my absolute favorite birding spot in the Prescott area. The environment outside our Suite Solitude was perfect for close encounters with the flora and fauna of the Granite Dells. I had forgotten my binoculars but, to my pleasant surprise, the birds were most accommodating and moved fearlessly through the surrounding trees and bushes so that I enjoyed excellent unaided views of Western Tanagers (Michele's favorite), Black-headed Grosbeaks, Orange-crowned Warblers, American Robins and their young, mated pairs of Gambel's Quail, and an assortment of hummingbirds. There were also chipmunks, rock squirrels and a multitude of lizards in assorted sizes and colors. Our host, Gary and his beautiful golden retriever, Alex made us feel like we were family. By the way, Gary makes a fantastic breakfast!
     Our itinerary included lunch on the way down from Flagstaff in Sedona at Coffee Pot Restaurant on their gorgeous shaded back patio, dinner in Prescott at Murphy's, the leisurely perusal of Prescott's shops and antique stores, and a shady hike along the West Fork of Oak Creek on the way back to Flagstaff.
     Here are a few photos that highlight our little vacation:
     The front drive is adorned with a montage of authentic mining tools that speak to the living history of the Prescott area.
     An interior and exterior panoramic view of our room show its comfortable softer side and natural charm.

     While relaxing before dinner I had the pleasure of losing myself in the mind of the Lizard King sunning himself on the back porch. I lay on the floor inside the opened glass patio door and we regarded each other from our respective environs for the better part of an hour.
     Our last stop, before dragging ourselves back to our routine life, afforded a cooling of the feet in the flowing snow-melt of Oak Creek. Michele tried her hand at an environmental portrait of yours truly and succeeded easily.
     We were so relaxed, I never even thought about the iPod, Facebook, or what we'd do next. We just lived every moment as it unfolded. Next time we're staying two nights!

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