Monday, August 29, 2011

More Mushrooms!

     Impatience and opportunity got the best of me yesterday and I weathered the lightning and rain to ascend the San Francisco Peaks in search of mushrooms. I was elated when I found more than eight different species in less than 100 yards of hiking. The rain had subsided but the dripping from the tree canopy was too plentiful for me to take out my camera, so I collected one of each species found and brought them home for study. In one spot I found three species withing two square feet. Here are a few photos of the specimens featuring a beautiful bowl by Candice Methe, decorated with Burrowing Owls (my favorite).


Red Bread Tie said...

Perhaps you could eat one of the mushrooms every day. Take a picture of the mushroom and post a review the following day. If we never hear from you again, we will know which mushrooms to avoid. Thank you in advance.

Eugene Brosseau said...

Review number one: The little yellow ones make me see colors I never dreamed existed but the music won't stop. Make the music stop!

jackaaronfleming said...

Nice photographs Gene. Good luck to you in your endeaver to one day not get sick off of mushrooms. We have a friend that works for Coconino National Forest that gathers mushrooms each year. We trusted him last year and used some that he gave us in a chicken and barley soup I made. Turned out wonderful. The textures were exciting. Almost enough for me to want to try gathering mushrooms, but I am still nervous about that idea.l