Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Recent Paintings

    The following images are from a new painting series I started recently.
     I would say that I've always loved painting but honestly there was a long period of time during which I couldn't bring myself to paint. Part of this block was due to how I had come to view the process. After my early undergrad experience as a painting major I had become overwhelmed by the dreaded and sacred white canvas, the purity of the materials, and the deliberate nature in which I was trained to work.
     At the suggestion of a friend and colleague, I abandoned all respect for the process and materials. I forgot about fine stretched canvas and gesso, earth-toned under-paintings, and thick luxurious oils, and picked up some paper, old craft store acrylics, cheap watercolors, and disposable brushes. I set to work on small pieces that could be literally taped to a board, actually an old oil painting on panel to ensure complete sacrilege.In an effort to integrate my love of drawing I also added ink pens and colored pencil. I am pleased with the results so far. I'm able to complete most images in a couple of hours or less. It has been very liberating to take ownership of a means of expression I had previously dreaded.
     I have attempted to arrange these images chronologically, earliest to latest. The series includes all but three works that have found other homes. Color accuracy is a slight issue due to lack of controlled lighting but these are near representations. All works are smaller than 8x10". I'm still working out titles for these.

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