Monday, July 18, 2011

More Pictures of the Switchback Kiln

The arch is very church-like and gives the interior of the kiln a sacred feel.
Grate bricks below the fire door
Removable bag wall under the throat-arch
Hanging door on pulley style wheels at the bourry box
Kiln complete
Etsuji "Cheezu"
Etsuji flies like a god over the wares in the sacred kiln
Kazu pokes his head in to check the loading progress
"Cheezu, Sensei!"
 Kiln was loaded and fired successfully. Unloading Tuesday afternoon.


woodfirer said...

Updates gratefully received and admired by all at the Kohila Sympsium, Estonia

Eugene Brosseau said...

Thanks, Priscilla! You need to come back and fire it with us! We promise to try to post shelves a bit better so as to yield better than 40% of the wares.