Tuesday, July 19, 2011


The inaugural firing of the only known switchback kiln in the Western Hemisphere is complete and was a success. The wares reflect the desired reduction of clay bodies and slips characteristic of this kiln and the firing methods of the kiln-masters.
Billy from West Virginia walked away with the lion's share of ideal surfacing.

Deborah from Phoenix is making some absolutely gorgeous work.

Here you see a broad variety of surfaces and hues produced in just one area of the kiln.

Kazu's subtle hanging vase forms will grace a fine tea house.

Takashi's large jar towers over every other piece in the kiln.

My lone tea bowl form was fired under the sidestoke hole. This photo from the slide room doesn't quite do justice to the variety of tones and hues obtained in this firing.


delflg said...

Those textures are really nice, Eugene. Really beautiful stuff.

cory said...

more photos of different angles on your cool chawan !
great blog posts on nakazato sensei ! CHEERs !

Eugene Brosseau said...

Thank you, Del and Cory! More photos and a 'brief' explanation of the process have been posted.