Friday, July 20, 2012

New Forms, the Beat Generation, and Owen Davis

     This afternoon I enjoyed an intense two and a half hour conversation about art, music, and the Beat Generation with friend, composer, and partner in collaboration, Owen Davis. Both of us are drawn to the mid-twentieth century renaissance of new forms in the arts. Among the topics of discussion were John Cage, Jack Kerouac, and Peter Voulkos. We also discussed the impact of Buddhism on key artists of the time and the fact that their explorations may have just been the beginning of what can be accomplished in the arts. We exchanged favorite internet audio and video clips and talked about our collaboration together, further defining our roles and intent. Ours is a project that promises to delight the senses and I look forward to seeing and hearing it performed.
     With regards to schooling, Owen and I expressed our inspirations and apprehensions about pursuing graduate studies in our respective fields. My perspective is heavily influenced by my need to develop a deeper art practice. I feel that in order to be an effective teacher I must support my instruction with an exemplary body of work. My passion for creativity has always leaned very heavily to the mental side and while that finds its expression in my writing I feel that the visual component would benefit from deeper practice. Just as I have chosen to embrace the habit of keeping an artist's daybook, I have to feed that book with experiences through which I engage the world, giving fodder for creative acts.
     It is rare to find one with whom you can communicate easily about things that inspire you; more rare to find one who understands.
     You can find out more about Owen Davis and his work here and here.

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